Applying the sequins

1 Cut 50cm (20in) length of embroidery floss and divide it into 3 equal sections. Thread cut ends of 1 section through crewel needle. On right side of back of 1 mitten, take needle under knit stitch and lock thread in place using loop method shown on page 87.

2 Slot sequin onto thread with concave side facing upwards. Take sequin down thread so it rests on knitting.

3 Take stitch over sequin, going through knitting at edge of sequin and bringing needle through short distance away at edge of sequin.

4 Work several straight stitches over sequin, working from outside and going down through hole each time, so stitches radiate from centre. Take needle through to wrong side and secure thread by working several stitches into knitting behind sequin. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 to secure each sequin, scattering them randomly across back of each mitten.


Finish the mittens as described in the basic pattern, omitting the pressing as this may damage the sequins.

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