Making the earflaps

1 Work earflap up to " in pattern instructions (left), ending with wrong side row. Shape earflap by knitting to last 3 stitches, knitting next 2 stitches together and knitting last stitch. Do this on every row until 3 stitches remain on needle.

2 Make cord by repeating both cord pattern rows until row measures 30cm (12in) long.

3 To shape end of cord, knit first 2 stitches together and knit last stitch. On next row, knit remaining 2 stitches together and fasten off yam by pulling it through remaining stitch.

4 Cut 3 or 4 lengths of yam and loop them through end of cord with crochet hook. Adjust lengths so yam ends are level.

5 Tie yam in overhand knot, making sure knot rests against end of cord. Trim yam ends neatly.


Pin eaiiaps to each side of the hat. Try on the hat in front of a mirror and adjust the position of the earflaps if necessary. Using a flat seam, stitch the earflaps to the cast-on edge of the hat.

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