scarf with fringe

A simple fringe makes a great finishing touch for a scarf knit in double rib. You can use the same yarn or ring the changes by adding a fringe in another colour or texture.

Prefer the lattice scarf? see page 25 for basic pattern r

making the fringe

1 Decide how deep finished fringe will be and cut rectangle of stiff card to same depth plus 2.5cm (Tin). Wind yam evenly around card and cut along bottom edge to make strands.

lattice scarf

2 Insert large crochet hook from back to front of knitted edge. Gather desired number of strands into group, fold in half and loop fold over hook.

3 Carefully pull hook and folded yam through to wrong side of knitting to make loop.

4 Loop hook around cut ends of yam group and pull gently through to complete tassel. Repeat at regularly-spaced intervals along edge. Neaten by trimming any long strands.

lattice scarf

Make a knotted, lattice fringe for a more elaborate finish. Cut the strands twice a» long as for a simple fringe and knot into the edge, spacing the tassels further apart. Take half the strands from one group and half the strands from an adjacent group and knot them together with an overhand knot. Repeat along the edge.

sporty scarf with blanket stitch edging

A quick and easy embroidery edge turns a plain stocking stitch scarf into a casual yet stylish accessory. Choosing a strong colour contrast for the stitching will guarantee your handiwork stands out!

you will need

2 10Og balls of pure wool chunky yam with approx 92m (100yds) per 100g ball Oddments of the same yam in a contrasting colour

Pair of 6.5mm (size 107?) knitting needles or size needed to achieve tension Yam needle finished size

Scarf measures 15cm (6in) wide and 203cm (80in) long.


14 stitches and 18 rows to 10cm (4in) over stocking stitch.

knitting the scarf

Cast on following the basic Scarf pattern on page 25.

Rep Rows 1 & 2 until the scarf is approximately 203cm (80in) long, ending with a WS row. Cast off.

Dam in the yam ends and press lightly on the wrong side.

Scarf measures 15cm (6in) wide and 203cm (80in) long.

working the blanket stitch edging

1 Thread contrasting yam in yam needle. Begin stitching at centre of

1 long side. Insert needle into knitting about 6cm (2in) from edge and leave tail of yam on surface. Bring needle back through knitting close to edge so it is ready to begin stitching. Tail will be secured after length of yam has been used.

2 Take needle through knitting from front to back about 1.5cm fAin) from edge and same distance to right from point where yam emerged along edge. Take working thread under point of needle.

3 Carefully pull needle and yam through to complete first blanket stitch. Repeat along edge, making evenly spaced stitches, until last stitch is worked about 1.5cm f7«in) from corner.

4 To make a neat corner, work 1 blanket stitch diagonally across comer so it shares same hole as previous stitch. To complete comer, make another blanket stitch to share same hole, working it down adjacent side of scarf.

5 To finish off yam ends, take them through to wrong side and dam in as neatly as possible close to edge of knitting, then trim.

Choose a novelty yarn to work the blanket stitches. Ribbon and tape yarns work well for embroidery, but avoid eyelash yarns and those that are heavily textured.

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