Before you start


22cm (8'/in) wide x 102cm (40m) long excluding fringing


4 x sog (2oz) balls (approx. H3m/i23yds per ball) DK merino/cotton mix yarn 256 large clear beads 228 large white beads 204 large mauve beads


1 pair 3.75mm needles


24 sts x 30 rows to 10cm (4in) measured over stocking stitch using 3.75mm needles

Abbreviations k - knit; k2tog - knit 2 stitches together; p - purl; rs - right side; skpo - slip 1 stitch knitwise from left to right needle without working it, knit 1 stitch, pass slipped stitch over knitted stitch; st(s) -stitch(es); ws - wrong side; yf -bring yarn forward between needles

Knitting the scarf

Thread each ball of yarn with beads in the correct colour sequence (see page 68). Using 3.75mm needles, cast on 59 sts. Work in lace and bead pattern as indicated on the chart on page 68 until you have completed 4 repeats, using a new ball of beaded yarn for each repeat and ending with a wrong side row. Repeat rows 1 and 2, then cast off knitwise.

New skills:

attaching fringing

For each piece of fringing, thread 2 beads onto one end and secure with a knot about 2cm (lin) from the end; repeat at the other end with another 2 beads. You can bead the fringing in a random or regular colour sequence.

1 Insert a crochet hook from the front of the work into the first lace hole.

2 Fold a length of beaded yarn in half and pull it through to the front of the work until the loop of yarn is about 2.5cm (lin) long.

3 Pull the beaded ends of the yarn through the loop and tighten the knot. Continue inserting a piece of beaded fringing into each lace hole along both ends of the scarf.


Sew in the ends and press the scarf on the wrong side. Cut ninety 14cm (s'/in) lengths of yarn for the fringing (45 for each end of the scarf). Bead the fringing and attach it to the scarf.

If you wish to knit the scarf in a different colour yarn, try to find a combination of bead colours in similar tones to complement it.

Place 1 mauve bead Place 1 clear bead Place 1 white bead Skpo


When knitting with beads of more than one colour, you need to thread them onto the yarn in the opposite order to which they will be worked into the knitting before casting on. Following the chart, start at the top and read down from left to right on each of the beading rows.

The beading sequence for this project is: 3 clear, 1 mauve, 1 clear, 2 mauve, 1 clear, 9 mauve, 2 white, 1 mauve, 2 white, 2 clear, 2 white, 1 mauve, 12 white, 14 clear,

1 mauve, 1 clear, 1 mauve, 2 clear, 4 mauve, 2 clear, 2 white, 1 mauve, 2 white,

2 clear, 4 white, 2 clear, 1 white, 24 clear

The intricate lace and bead work of this scarf are complemented perfectly by the long | beaded fringing.
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