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One size to fit average-sized woman's hands


Yarn A 2 X 50g (20z) balls (approx. 2om/22yds per ball) super chunky-weight mohair/wool mix fur-effect yarn Yarn B 1 x 50g (202) ball (approx. 93yds/85m per ball) chunky-weight angora/extra fine merino mix yarn


1 pair 8mm needles


Yarn A - 9 sts x 10 rows to 10cm (/┬╗in) measured over reverse stocking stitch using 8mm needles Yarn B - 11 sts x 13 rows to 10cm (4in) measured over stocking stitch using 8mm needles

Abbreviations k - knit; p - purl; patt - pattern; rs - right side; si - slip stitch knitwise from left to right needle without working it; st(s) - stitch(es); ws - wrong side

Knitting the muff

Using 8mm needles and yarn A, cast on 26 sts.

Fur tube

Continue patt as established by rows 1 and

2 until work measures 38cm (15m), ending with a ws row. Cast off knitwise and sew in the ends.

Cuffs (make 2)

With rs of muff facing, use 8mm needles and yarn B to pick up 30 sts down the side edge of the fur tube. Row 1: P2, (k2, p2) to end.

Rows 3-24: Repeat rows 1 and 2 eleven times. Cast off ribwise.


Sew in the ends on the cuffs. Do not press. Fold the muff in half, right sides together, and make sure that the side seams of the cuffs align. Using yarn B, sew the side seams of both cuffs using backstitch. Using yarn A, backstitch the fur tube's side seam. Turn right side out and gently fluff up the fur of the muff by hand.

You could easily attach a cord to the muff to hang it around your neck when not in use. Buy a readymade cord or use a length of braided yam like the handles of the patchwork bag (see page 62).

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