Changing colours on a purl row

Work to where you need to change colour. Insert the tip of the right needle into the next stitch purlwise. Bring the first colour (yellow) over the top of the second colour (pink) and drop, then pick up the second colour. Making sure the colours stay twisted, continue as directed by the pattern.

colour work

1 Using yarn A (pink), work 3 stitches. Drop yarn A and pick up yarn B (yellow), carrying it over yarn A. Work the next 3 stitches, then drop yarn B.

2 Work the next stitch with yarn A, dropping yarn B from the left needle as you do so. You have just woven in yarn B.

3 Continue working with yarn A in this way, holding yarn B at the back of the work with your left forefinger until you need to weave it in again.

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