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All patterns provide a list containing the size of the finished item, the materials and tools required, the tension of the piece and the abbreviations used in the instructions. Although many abbreviations are standardized, such as k for knit and p for purl, so always read the abbreviations before you start knitting.

The abbreviations used in this book are: bi place 1 bead beg beginning c6b cable 6 back c6f cable 6 forward foil following inc increase/increasing k knit kib knit l stitch together with stitch in row below kiw knit l stitch (or more if specified) by wrapping yarn twice around needle k2tog knit 2 stitches together (or more if specified) mi make l stitch as instructed (or more if specified) purl purl 2 stitches together (or more if specified) pattern remaining repeat right side place l sequin slip l stitch, knit l stitch, pass slipped stitch over knitted stitch slip specified number of stitches from left to right needle without working them stitch(es)

through back of loop wrong side wrap yarn twice around needle take yarn back between needles bring yarn forward between needles

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