Sequins create an effect like fish scales on the knitted fabric and working with them is very much like working with beads. They are usually made of plastic, so avoid dry cleaning, pressing or steaming them. Round sequins can be either flat or cupped - that is, the edges are faceted and tilt up towards the central hole. Take care when using the cupped variety that they face away from the surface of the knitting. As with beads, make sure that the hole in the sequin is large enough to accommodate a doubled end of yarn.


Other materials

The only other materials used in the projects in this book are:

  • Petersham ribbon to strengthen the handles of the furry bag (project 4);
  • Lining and eyelet trim for the pretty floral bag (project 15);
  • Buttons for the buttoned fingerless gloves (project 14), driving gloves (project 20) and the beaded denim bag (project 25);
  • Zip for the summer purse (project 29).

All of these items can be purchased from good haberdashery stores.

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