Tip Dropped Stitches

If you drop any stitches, pick them up as soon as you notice and before casting off. With the knit side of the work facing you, insert a crochet hook into the dropped stitch from the front. Pick up the first horizontal bar of unravelled yarn above the dropped stitch and pull it through the stitch to the front. Continue doing this until all the unravelled bars have been picked up, turning the work so that the knit side is facing you if necessary. Transfer the stitch back onto the left knitting needle when you have finished.

Casting off in pattern

Sometimes a pattern will instruct you to cast off in pattern. This means that you should cast off all knit stitches knitwise and all purl stitches purlwise. For example, if the pattern is double rib, as shown here, cast off the first 2 stitches knitwise, the next 2 stitches purlwise and so on.

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