Tip Neatening The Last Stitch

The last cast-off stitch is sometimes considerably larger than the others. This can be neatened by sewing it into the seam when joining pieces together. If this is not possible, cast off all the stitches except the last one. Slip this stitch onto the right needle. Use the tip of the left needle to pick up the final stitch on the row below, then return the slipped stitch to the left needle. Work these 2 stitches together.

1 If you are joining two separate pieces of knitting together, place both needles in your left hand with the appropriate sides of the work facing each other. If you need to join two halves of a single piece of knitting together - such as the bright beaded mittens (project 2) - work as instructed by the pattern for the first half of the stitches, then turn the right needle so that the appropriate sides of the fabric are facing and both needles are in your left hand.

2 Insert the tip of a third needle through the first stitch on both needles in your left hand. Work these 2 stitches together.

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    What are neatening stitches?
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