Tip Successful Felting

Successful felting using a washing machine is about trial and error. This is largely due to differences in makes of machine and wash programme. Too cold a wash for too short a time and the fabric will not shrink enough; too hot a wash for too long and your knitting could resemble concrete. It is therefore a good idea to knit a test swatch for this project - 20 sts x 32 rows on 5.5mm needles. Wash the piece at 40X (ioo'F) on your machine's quick or half-wash programme (approx. 30-40 minutes long) using about '/ cup of a detergent suitable for wool use. Putting a towel into the wash will contribute to the felting process. When the wash cycle is complete, let the piece dry and then measure your swatch. The extra stitches and rows should allow for the fabric rolling during the felting process. If your 18 sts x 30 rows are smaller than 10cm (4m), the piece has felted too much, so shorten the wash cycle. If larger, wash for a bit longer. It is important that you keep notes of all details while you experiment.

Rows 65-96: Change to yarn C and work another 32 rows in stocking stitch. Rows 97-100: Change to yarn F and k the next 4 rows. Cast off knitwise.

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