Baby duckling

Note: Use single yarn and 3mm [No 11, USA 2] knitting needles.

Egg shell [lower piece]

Using white cast on 13 sts.

1st row: K1, inc K wise into remaining 12 sts — 25 sts.

Beginning with a P row. st-st 10 rows.

This completes the inner lining portion of the piece.

Next row: K1. (yrn, K2tog) to end. Beginning with a K row, st-st 12 rows.

Next row: K1. (K2tog. K1) to end — 17 sts. P 1 row.

Next row: K1. (K2tog) to end — 9 sts. B & T tightly, for lower end of the shell.

Oversew row ends together and turn right side out.

Tuck the lining portion inside the shell.

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