Begin at tail-end of body and using blue cast on 12 sts. St-st 10 rows.

Next row: K3, (ml, K3) to end — 15 sts. Continue in st-st and work 5 rows.

Next row: K3. (ml, K3) to end — 19 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Inc for head

Next row: K3. (ml. K1) 13 times. K3 — 32 sts. St-st 10 rows. On the last of these rows, mark the 8th st from each end of the row with a coloured thread, on right side of st-st. These threads mark the positions of the eyes. St-st 3 more rows.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 8 sts. B & T tightly.

Join row ends leaving a gap in seam. This seam will run underneath the body. Turn right side out and stuff. Close gap in seam, but leave cast on edge open.

Use a single strand of black yarn to work the eyes. At the position of each coloured thread work a chain stitch for the eye across the marked knitted st. Work another chain stitch on top of the first stitch to make the eye larger.

For the mouth, use black yarn and work a long stitch around front of head with the ends of the stitch below the eyes. Catch this stitch to the body seam.

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