Body and head

Mark each end of next row with a coloured thread. With right side of work facing and using green. K across the 20 sts of left leg, then across the 20 sts of right leg on the spare needle — 40 sts.

Continue in st-st and work 9 rows.

Break off green and join on yellow for upper body.

** Shape upper body

Next row: K7. (K2tog) 4 times. K10, (K2tog) 4 times, K7 — 32 sts. St-st 7 rows.

Break off yellow and join on fawn for head. St-st 2 rows. Inc for head

Next row: (K1, inc in next st) to end — 48 sts. St-st 11 rows, marking centre of the 11th row.

Shape head

1st row: K11, (K2tog) twice, K18, (K2tog) twice. K11 — 44 sts.

2nd, 3rd and 4th rows: St-st without shaping.

5th row: K10, (K2tog) twice. K16, (K2tog) twice. K10 — 40 sts.

6th and every following alternate row: P.

7th row: K9, (K2tog) twice, K14, (K2tog) twice. K9 — 36 sts.

9th row: K8. (K2tog) twice. K12. (K2tog) twice, K8 — 32 sts.

11th row: (K2, K2tog) to end — 24 sts. 13th row: (K1, K2tog) to end — 16 sts. 15th row: (K2tog) to end — 8 sts. B & T tightly, for top of head ★★★.

To make up

Join row ends from top of head as far as coloured threads, leaving a gap in seam at head section and also at body section. Join row ends of each leg piece from coloured threads to cast on edges. With front of body towards you, oversew cast on sts of right boot together, with leg seam in the position shown in the Diagram. Note that the right leg will appear to be the left leg at this stage, until Puss is turned right side out.

Oversew cast on sts of left boot in same way, reversing position of leg seam. Turn right side out. Stuff boots, legs and body through gap in body seam. Stuff head through gap in head seam. Close gap in body seam.

To shape neck, use a double strand of yellow yarn and gather round the last knitted row of yellow on body. Pull up gathers very tightly and knot ends of yarn. Sew yarn ends into neck.

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