Begin at lower edge and using colour required for pants cast on 68 sts. marking centre of cast on edge.

1st row: (K2tog) to end — 34 sts. G-st 3 rows, for the leg portion of body. Beginning with a K row. continue in st-st and work 10 rows.

Break off pants colour and join on colour required for upper body. St-st 6 rows. [If working in stripes, work two rows of each colour alternately].

Shape body

If applicable, continue in stripes.

Next row: K7, (K2tog) twice, K12. (K2tog) twice. K7 — 30 sts. St-st 3 rows.

Next row: (K1, K2tog) to end — 20 sts. Cast off loosely, for neck edge.

Join row ends, forming centre back seam. Turn right side out. Catch the marked centre of cast on edge to centre back seam. Now continue sewing back and forth through the body at the g-st rows only, to form the legs. Lay body aside.

Feet [make two alike]

Using grey, cast on 6 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 12 sts. P 1 row.

Next row: Inc K wise into every st — 24 sts. P 1 row.

Next row: P. This row marks the position where the foot will be sewn to lower edge of body.

Now beginning with a P row, st-st 5 rows.

B & T loosely. This end will be the sole of the foot.

Gather up cast on sts tightly and fasten off. Oversew row ends together. Turn right side out. Stuff lightly, then pull up length of yarn tightly and fasten off. Use this length of yarn to sew through both sets of gathered sts at centre of foot, then back again. Pull yarn tightly to flatten foot, then fasten off.

To attach the feet

First put some stuffing inside leg edges of body. Insert feet into cast on leg edges, making sure that soles of feet are outermost. Sew cast on edge of body to the feet, just below the P row on the feet. Now stuff body, then leave cast off neck edge open.

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