Inc K Wise Into Every St

Begin at one end and using cream, cast on 8 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 16 sts. Beginning with a P row, st-st 5 rows.

Next row: K1. (K2tog. K1) to end — 11 sts. Continue in st-st and work 7 rows.

Next row: K1, (inc in next st. K1) to end — 16 sts.

Join row ends, then oversew across cast on sts. Turn right side out and stuff. Oversew across cast off sts. Use cream yarn to work a large oversewing stitch round each end of bone. Pull very tightly, then fasten off.

' ** * • - - ^r • > - jSM

Ears (make two alike]

Begin at lower edge and using pink cast on 12 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 24 sts. Beginning with a P row. continue in st-st and work 3 rows.

Dec 1 st at beginning of next 4 rows — 20 sts. Dec 1 st at each end of next 6 rows — 8 sts.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 4 sts. B & T tightly.

Witt}, right side of st-st outside fold ears in half and oversew row ends of each ear together. ' Oversew across cast on sts. Sew cast on edges of ears to sides of head, with folded edges of ears facing towards top of head.

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    How to inc k wise into every st?
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