Duckling s cap

Note: Use single yarn and 3mm [No 11. USA 2] knitting needles.

Begin at lower edge and using green or pink cast on 36 sts. G-st 2 rows.

Join on white and beginning with a K row. st-st 2 rows.

Using green or pink st-st 2 rows. Continue working in two-row stripes and st-st 6 more rows.

Next row: (K1. K2tog) to end — 24 sts. P 1 row. Break off green or pink and continue in white.

G-st 6 rows, for the cap bobble. B & T tightly.

Oversew row ends of cap bobble together. Join row ends of the cap. Turn right side out. Stuff bobble, then gather round just below first g-st row. Pull up gathers tightly and fasten off. Sew cap to the duckling's head, just above the g-st rows at lower edge of cap.

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