Start and fasten off in the stuffing at back of head.

For the eyes, split a length of black yarn to get a finer strand.

Work a V-shape for each eye, on either side of the marked centre point.

For nose, work two small horizontal pink stitches below the eyes.

For mouth use double black sewing thread.

Work a small stitch down from nose, with a

W-shape at base. Work whiskers in double sewing thread as illustrated. Add a little more stuffing, then close gap in seam.


Begin at body-end of tail and using white cast on 2 sts.

Work in st-st and inc 1 st at beginning of every row until there are 8 sts. St-st 6 rows, marking each end of the first row. Dec 1 st at end of next row — 7 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Dec 1 st at end of next row — 6 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 3 sts. B & T tightly.

Oversew row ends together from B & T end as far as the marked row. Turn right side out and stuff lightly. Sew the open end of tail to back of body, so that tail curls round the side of kitten's body as illustrated.

Ears [make two alike)

Begin at lower edge and using white cast on 7 sts.

G-st 4 rows and dec 1 st at beginning of every row — 3 sts. Fasten off the 3 sts.

Sew cast on edges of ears to top of head as illustrated. Place head at front of body, with chin resting on legs. Turn head to one side. Sew back of head to body where it touches body. Make a 22cm [8%in] single twisted blue cord and tie it around kitten's neck in a bow. Sew through bow to secure.

Cushion [make two pieces alike]

Using pink cast on 26 sts.

Work 35 rows in st-st. but K the first and last st on every P row.

Cast off.

With right side of st-st outside, oversew the two pieces together round the edges, leaving a gap for stuffing. Stuff very lightly, then oversew the gap.

A good luck mascot for anyone sitting exams, or an amusing award for success, the owl measures 16cm [6V*inJ to the top of the cap.

Materials: 3mm [No 11. USA 2] knitting needles; stuffing; cardboard for the cap.

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