Mark eye positions level with the marked centre of face, leaving four clear knitted sts between them.

Using double lengths of black yarn, make knots for eyes, winding yarn round four times. Pass one pair of yarn ends of one eye through one marked position to come out at opening at back of head. Pass other yarn ends through just above first position. Knot yarn ends and trim off ends. Repeat with other eye.

Work remaining facial stitches in black, starting and fastening off in stuffing at back of head. For nose, work a few short horizontal stitches between and just below eyes. For mouth, work a long stitch down from centre of nose with a shallow V-shape at base of this stitch.

For the whiskers, split a length of yarn to get a finer strand. Work three long stitches fanning out from a centre point, at each side of the long mouth stitch.

Ear [only one required]

Using fawn begin at lower edge and cast on 2 sts.

Work in st-st and inc 1 st at each end of every row until there are 18 sts. Dec 1 st at each end of every following row until 6 sts remain.

Next row: (K3tog) twice — 2 sts. Fasten off the 2 sts.

With right side of st-st outside, fold ear in half and oversew all the row ends together. Sew ear to left side of head at the side shaping, with cast on sts of ear just above the first head shaping row.

BOOt tOpS [make two alike]

Using tan cast on 27 sts. St-st 5 rows.

C 'yncuiii

Next row: K1, (yrn. K2tog) to end. Beginning with a K row. st-st 5 rows. Cast off.

Oversew row ends together and turn right side out. Bring cast on edge to cast off edge and oversew them together. Sew this edge round the last knitted row of tan on each leg.

Arms [make two alike]

Begin at end of hand and using fawn cast on 8 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 16 sts. Beginning with a P row, st-st 9 rows.

Break off fawn and join on yellow for sleeve.

Next row: (K3. inc in next st) to end — 20 sts. Continue in st-st and work 7 rows.

Next row: K3. (K2tog. K2) 4 times. K1 —16 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Next row: K3. (K2tog. K1) 4 times. K1 —12 sts. P 1 row.

Shape armhole

Continue in st-st and dec 1 st at each end of next and every following row until 2 sts remain. Fasten off the 2 sts. jL

Join row ends from cast oneoge as far as the armhole shaping. Oversew across cast on sts.

Turn right side out and stuff lightly. Sew open top edges to sides of body, with the fastened-off sts level with neck.

Sleeve cuffs [make two alike]

Begin at lower edge and using white cast on 29 sts.

Next row: (K2. K2tog) to last st. K1 — 22 sts. Cast off.

Oversew row ends of each cuff together. Sew to arms at first row of yellow on the sleeves.


Using black cast on 44 sts. St-st 3 rows. Cast off. Oversew row ends together. Turn right side out. Sew to body where pants and upper body colours meet.

For buckle use light blue and cast on 20 sts. Cast off. Oversew row ends together. Sew to belt as illustrated.

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