Front legs and body

Begin at end of one front leg and using fawn cast on 12 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 24 sts. Beginning with a P row. st-st 5 rows.

Shape foot

Next row: (K3. K2tog) 4 times, K4 — 20 sts Continue in st-st and work 11 rows **. Break off yarn and leave sts on a spare double-pointed needle.

Work second leg in same way as far as **. Mark each end of next row with a short length of red yarn.

With right side of work facing. K across the second set of leg sts on the knitting needle, then across the leg sts on spare needle — 40 sts. St-st 5 rows.

Shape body

Next row: (K4. inc in next st) to end — 48 sts. St-st 3 rows, marking centre of the 3rd row with a short length of black yarn. Continue in st-st and work 20 more rows.

Shape back of body

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 12 sts. B & T loosely.

Join row ends, starting at the row ends marked with red yarn and ending at the B & T edge. Join row ends of each leg from the marked row ends to cast on edge. Oversew across cast on sts of each leg. Turn right side out. Stuff legs, then body. Pull up the length of yarn tightly, then fasten off.

Use black yarn to work three long stitches around end of each leg as illustrated. Catch each stitch to the cast on edge at front of foot to hold in place.

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