Begin at end of trunk and using grey cast on 5 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 10 sts. Beginning with a P row, st-st 8 rows and inc 1 st at each end of the 8th row — 12 sts. St-st 9 more rows.

Shape head

Next row: K1

Next row: K5, (ml. K1) 13 times. K5 — 36 sts. St-st 19 rows, marking centre of first of these rows with a coloured thread, as a guide to positioning the eyes later on.

Shape back of head

Next row: (K1, K2tog) to end — 24 sts. St-st 3 rows.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 12 sts. B & T loosely.

Gather up cast on sts tightly, then join row ends, forming the underhead seam. Turn right side out. Stuff trunk. Stuff head firmly to a rounded shape measuring 20cm [8in] around at centre, following direction of knitted rows. Do not pull up the length of yarn at back of head.

Mark eye positions on the row with the marked centre, leaving six clear knitted sts between them. Using single lengths of black yarn, make knots for eyes, winding yarn round six times. Pass one yarn end through one marked position to come out at open back of head.

Pass other yarn end through just below first position. Knot yarn ends tightly and trim off ends. Repeat with other eye.

Add a little more stuffing, then pull up length of grey yarn tightly and fasten off.

To attach head to body

Place head on open neck edge of body, with back of head at centre back and underhead seam resting on neck edge of body. Sew neck edge of body to head.

Ears [make two alike)

Begin at top edge and using grey, cast on 10 sts. P 1 row.

Next row: Inc K wise into every st — 20 sts. Beginning with a P row, st-st 5 rows.

Now continue in st-st and dec 1 st at beginning of next and every following row until 12 sts remain.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 6 sts. B & T tightly.

With right side of st-st outside, oversew row ends of each ear together. Oversew across cast on sts. Sew the folded edges of ears to sides of head.

Arms [make two alike]

Begin at top of sleeve and using same colour as used for the upper body, cast on 14 sts loosely.

St-st 8 rows. [If working in stripes, work two rows of each colour alternately].

Break off yarn and join on grey for hand. St-st 6 rows.

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 7 sts. B & T tightly.

Join row ends of each arm. Turn right side out and stuff. Sew open top edges of arms to sides of body, placing them 5mm [%in] below neck and a little closer to front of body than back.

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