Begin at top edge and using fawn cast on 18 sts.

1st row: Inc K wise into every st — 36 sts. Beginning with a P row, st-st 13 rows. Mark the last row with short lengths of black yarn, two knitted sts within each end of the row.

Continue in st-st and work 12 rows. Shape lower end

Next row: (K2tog) to end — 12 sts. B & T tightly.

Join row ends for centre back seam, leaving a gap at centre of seam. With this seam at centre of the piece, oversew across cast on sts to close. Turn right side out and stuff, but do not close gap in seam.

Mark eye positions, half way up the face, leaving four clear knitted sts between them. Using double lengths of black yarn, make knots for eyes, winding yarn round four times. Pass one pair of yarn ends of one eye through one marked position to come out at opening in head seam. Pass other ends through just above first position. Knot yarn ends very tightly and trim off ends. Repeat with other eye. Add a little more stuffing, then close gap in seam.

For nose, work a small triangular shape in black yarn, starting six knitted rows above B & T sts. For mouth, use black and work a short stitch down from nose with a shallow V-shape at base of the stitch.

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