Making the knot eyes

I have devised an easy method of making the eyes on a toy using a knot tied at the centre of a length of black yarn. Most of the animals have knot eyes, although embroidered chain stitches are used occasionally.

First of all start at centre of the face and mark the eye positions with pins as described for each toy. For each eye cut a 20cm [8in] length of black yarn [or two strands the same length, if this is specified]. The knot will be tied at centre of the length.

Now make a loose single knot as shown in Diagram A. The instructions will specify how many times to wind round the yarn before pulling the knot tight. As an example, the dotted line in Diagram A shows the yarn being wound round twice more — making a total of three times wound round.

Now pull the ends of yarn to tighten the knot, thus making a small oval-shaped eye as shown in Diagram B.

Thread one end of yarn into a darning needle. Pass the darning needle through one marked eye position to come out of the toy at the opening at back of head, or other position as stated in the instructions. Pass the other yarn end through the next knitted row directly above or below the first position, as stated in the individual instructions. Pull yarn ends until knot touches the face. Knot ends of yarn securely and trim off excess length. Repeat 'With the other eye.

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