Mother s bonnet

Note: Use single yarn and 3mm (No 11, USA 2] knitting needles.

Begin with the bonnet brim and using blue cast on 39 sts.

1st row: (K2. inc in next st) to end — 52 sts. Beginning with a P row. st-st 6 rows.

Wcrk picot edge of bonnet brim

Next row: K2tog, (yrn, K2tog) to end — 51 sts. Beginning with a K row. st-st 6 rows.

Next row: K2. (K2tog. K2) 12 times. K1 —39 sts. This completes the bonnet brim.

Work bonnet back section

Beginning with a K row st-st 14 rows, but K the first and last st on every P row.

Next row: K11. (K2tog) 8 times, K12 — 31 sts. G-st 3 rows.

Next row: K11. (K2tog) 4 times, K12 — 27 sts. Cast off.

Fold bonnet brim at the picot edge, with right side of st-st outside. Catch the cast on edge of brim to the first knitted row of bonnet back section. Oversew row ends of the brim together at each side.

Fold cast off edge of bonnet in half and oversew along cast off sts. Make two 12cm [4%in] single twisted blue cords. Sew folded ends of cords to bonnet brim at cast on edge. Tie cords in a bow under mother's chin. Sew through bow to secure.

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