Begin at lower edge and using colour required cast on 28 sts.

1st row: (K1, inc in next st) to end — 42 sts. Beginning with a P row, continue in st-st and work 19 rows, [if making a striped skirt, st-st 1 row. join on second colour and st-st 18 rows in two-row stripes].

Shape skirt

If applicable, continue in stripes.

Next row: (K2. K2tog) to end — 21 sts. Cast off, for waist edge.

Join row ends and turn right side out. For the base, cut two 6cm [2%in] diameter circles of cardboard and glue them together. Push the base inside cast on edge of the knitted skirt.

Ease the cast on edge of skirt into position round edge of base, so that a few knitted rows of the skirt are turned over onto the underside of the base. The remainder of the cardboard base will remain exposed.

Now stuff the skirt, taking care to keep the 12

shape the same circumference as the cardboard base.

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