To assemble collar body and head

Use a double length of fawn yarn threaded in a darning needle. Pass needle through from seam under centre of body to come out at the length of black yarn on body. Leave tail-ends of yarn protruding underneath body.

Now take needle through centre of collar. Pass needle through four knitted sts at the back of head, at position of lengths of black yarn. Pass needle back through centre of collar, then through body again.

Knot the yarn ends very tightly, so that all the pieces are securely held together. Sew tail-ends of yarn into body.

If the puppy is intended for a young child, sew the collar to the body and also to the head.

Back legs [make two alike]

Shape leg

Continue in st-st and dec 1 st at each end of next and every following row until 2 sts remain.

Next row: P2tog, then fasten off.

Join row ends from cast on edge as far as the leg shaping. Oversew across cast on sts. Turn right side out and stuff lightly.

Place puppy on a flat surface. Pin open edges of legs to sides of body, with fastened-off ends level with back of body and legs resting on the flat surface. Sew in place. Work black stitches on each leg to match front legs.

Bring leg seams close to body and catch in place.

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  • zula
    How to join knitted animals head?
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    How do you sew knitted animals head to body?
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