Toy safety guidelines

A certain amount of common sense should always be used regarding the safety factor in children's toys.

It is important to ensure that the toy you are making is appropriate for the age group of the child for which it is intended. For example, children under 3 years of age should not be given toys which have separate tiny parts, or any small attached pieces which might be pulled off.

The materials used for the toys which appear in this booklet are: knitting yarn, polyester stuffing, a plastic drinking straw and cardboard. Do not add any other materials such as wire, pipe cleaners, buttons or beads.

Use only new, hygienic, washable stuffing which conforms to current safety standards — your craft materials supplier will advise.

When sewing up the toys always use large glass-headed or plastic-headed pins. Ordinary pins should not be used as they can pass into a knitted toy between the knitted sts.

Take care to sew all the added pieces securely in place — for example arms, hats. etc. If a yarn cord is tied in a bow on a toy. sew through the bow so that it can not be undone if pulled.

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