Using white, begin at lower edge and cast on 31 sts.

Next row: K1, (drop next st off knitting needle, K1) to end — 16 sts remain.

Next row: (P2tog) to end — 8 sts. B & T tightly.

Pull the knitted piece to ladder all the dropped sts down to cast on edge.

Dampen the piece, then pin it out on an ironing board, stretching it lengthways, then sideways. Leave to dry. Sew gathered end between mouse's ears.

For each rosebud (make three], use peach and cast on 6 sts. B & T tightly, then catch row ends together. Deepen colour at centre of each bud by pushing in red pencil point and twisting it round. Sew rosebuds to gathered top of veil.

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