Working embroidered stitches

To work any embroidered stitches on a toy it is sometimes necessary to start and fasten off the yarn ends invisibly. If this is required, proceed as follows.

Thread a blunt-ended needle with yarn required and knot end of yarn. Take needle through the stuffed toy, passing it between the knitted sts and bring it out at the position required. Pull the yarn to draw the knotted end right inside the stuffing. Tug the yarn to make sure the knot is caught in the stuffing.

Now work the required embroidered stitches. Pass the needle back through the toy to come out at a position between the knitted sts. Pass needle back through toy again between the same knitted sts to come out at a different position. Repeat until yarn is securely fastened off. then pull end of yarn and snip off close to the knitted sts.

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