Right Front

Using 4mm needles cast on 38 [40: 42:44:48:50] sts.

1st Row. * PI, kl, rep from * to end. Rep this row 8 times more. 10th Row. (Inc in 1st st) 0 [0:1:1: 0:0] times, rib 3 [5:6:7:12:14], inc in next st, rib 2, inc in next st, (inc in next st, rib 2, inc in next st, rib 5) twice, inc in next st, rib 1, inc in next st, (inc in next st, rib 2) twice, rib 4 [4:4:5:5:5]. 48 [50:53:55:58:60] sts. Change to 5mm needles and proceed as follows: -

From 1st to 4th row sets position of patt as given for Back.

Keeping continuity of patt as set

(throughout) work 13 rows more.

Next Row. Cast on 5 sts, patt to end.

53 [55:58:60:63:65] sts. Working 5 cast on sts in double moss-st work 32 rows more. Place Pocket

Next Row. Patt 9 [9:9:10:10:10], slip next 33 sts onto a stitch holder, patt across 33 sts of second Pocket Lining, patt 11 [13:16:17:20:22]. Cont in patt until right front measures 51cm, (20in), ending with a rs row. Shape Raglan

Next Row. Cast off 3 sts in patt, patt to end. 50 [52:55:57:60:62] sts.

Proceed as follows:-

2nd Row. PI, p2togtbl, patt to end. 48 [50:53:55:58:60] sts.

1st and 2nd rows set raglan shapings.

1 st at raglan edge as before in every row. 26 [26:25:27:26:26] sts.

Proceed as follows: -

0 0


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    How to rib1inc next st?
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