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Note Read chart from right to left on right side rows and from left to right on wrong side rows. When working in patt, strand yarn not in use loosely across wrong side to keep fabric elastic.

Left Shoe

With 2>!mm(US 2) needles and M, cast on 37(43) sts. K 1 row.

1st row Kl, [ml, kl7(20), ml, kl] twice. 2nd and every foil alt row K.

3rd row K2, ml, kl7(20), ml, k3, ml, kl7(20), ml, k2. 5th row K3, ml, kl7(20), ml, k5, ml, kl7(20), ml, k3. Cont in this way, inc 4 sts as set on every alt row until there are 61(71) sts. K 1 row.

Next row (right side) K6(4), ml, [k7, ml] 7(9) times, k6(4). 69(81) sts. P 1 row.

Beg with a k row, work 5 rows in st st from Chart. P 1 row.

Next row K 8(7), k2tog, [kl5(ll), k2tog] 3(5) times, k8(7). 65(75) sts.

Next row P37(42), p2tog, turn. Next row SI 1, k9, skpo, turn. Next row SI 1, p9, p2tog, turn.

Rep last 2 rows 5(7) times more, then work first of the 2 rows again.

Cast off purlwise, working 2 sts tog at each corner. Join back and sole seam.

With right side facing, 2%mm(US 2) needles and M, and beg and ending 10 sts to either side of back seam, pick up and k21 sts along back heel edge. K 1 row. **

Next row Cast on 20(23), k to end, turn and cast on 4 sts. K 1 row.

Buttonhole row K2, yf, skpo, k to end.

Cast off.

Sew on button.

Sew beads to the centre row of the Fair Isle band, as indicated on chart.

Right Shoe

Work as given for Left Shoe to **.

Next row Cast on 4 sts, k to end, turn and cast on 20(23) sts. K 1 row.

Buttonhole row K to last 4 sts, k2tog, yf, k2. K 2 rows. Cast off.

  • Khaki
  • Cream
  • Fuchsia E3 Yellow
  • Sewn bead

Sew on button. Sew on beads as Left Shoe.

  • 8 st repeat
  • 2nd size-
  • 1st size -

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