Work as given for Back until front measures 20(23:26:28)cm/ 7%(9:10%:ll)in from cast on edge, ending with a wrong side row. Shape neck

Next row Patt 31(34:38:43) sts, turn and work on these sts

for first side of neck.

Cont straight until front measures the same as Back to shoulder, ending at side edge. Next row Cast off 21(24:28:33) sts, patt to end. Leave rem 10 sts on a holder.

With right side facing, cast off centre 16(20:24:22) sts, patt to end.

Complete to match first side. Sleeves

With 4mm(US 6) needles cast on 42(42:50:50) sts.

Rep the last 2 rows for 4(4:5:5)cm/l^(l&2:2)in.

Change to 3%mm(US 5) needles.

Work 4(4:5:5)cm/l*(l&2:2)in in rib, ending with a 1st rib row.

Inc row P2, * k2, ml, p2, ml, k2, p2; rep from * to end.

Change to 4mm(US 6) needles.

These 4 rows form the patt.

Cont in patt, at the same time, inc one st at each end of the next and every foil 4th row until there are 76(80:92:96) sts, taking inc sts into patt.

Cont straight until sleeve measures 24(26:29:33)cm/ 9^(10M:ll/£13)in from cast on edge, ending with a wrong side row. Cast off.

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