Standard abbreviations

alt = alternate beg = begin (ning) cont = continu(e)ing dec = decreas(e)ing foil = following inc = increas(e)ing k = knit ml = make one by picking up the loop lying between st just worked and next st and working into back of it patt = pattern p = purl psso = pass slipped st over rem = remain (ing) rep = repeat(ing)

skpo = slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over si = slip st(s) = stitch(es) st st = stocking stitch tbl = through back loop tog = together yf = yam forward yon = yam over needle yrn = yam round needle

than hot water. Handle the knits gently in the water - do not rub or wring, as this can felt the fabric. Rinse well to get rid of any soap, and squeeze out excess water. You may need to get rid of more water by rolling the garment in a towel, or you can use the delicate spin cycle of the washing machine. Dry the garment by laying it out flat on top of a towel to absorb moisture, smooth and pat into shape. Do not dry knits near direct heat such as a radiator. Store your knits loosely folded to allow the air to circulate.

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