Aby knits for beginner

rational bestseller Debbie Bliss is the foremost knitwear ner for babies and children. Renowned for her stylish yet e designs, Debbie reveals her secrets for those who have before picked up a knitting needle. She guides you gh all the basic techniques and then features essential ig steps for each design.

arn how to cast on and off ike the knit stitch to create a warm cuddly scarf

)rk up different coloured squares in garter stitch and you ve a patchwork blanket

>ve on to stocking stitch, master how to increase and you i knit your first baby sweater arn the art of decreasing and you can create a raglan eater; essential wear for any baby

>cover how to work turning rows and make a jacket with a sy shawl collar

15 designs ranging from a beanie hat to a V-neck cardigan noss stitch shoes, baby knits for beginners is full of quick, -to-follow, trouble-free designs.

technique is illustrated with clear and detailed by-step illustrations and each pattern is photographed by Ira Lousada, the doyenne of baby photographers.

photography by Sandra Lousada design by Vanessa Courtier photography by Sandra Lousada design by Vanessa Courtier

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