I would like to thank the following for making this book possible:

The fantastic knitters; Gill Borley, Cynthia Brent, Sally Buss, Pat Church, Penny Hill, Shirley Kennet, Maisie Lawrence and Frances Wallace. Penny Hill, for pattern compiling and for her great knitters. Rosy Tucker, for pattern checking and her invaluable advice. Sandra Lousada, for the beautiful photography and her total dedication to all my projects.

Sammie Bell, the stylist, for creating the simple but perfect look. Emma Callery, the editor, for her very professional but also soothing editing of the book.

Denise Bates at Ebury, for commissioning the book initially and for all her commitment to my projects in the past.

Grace Cheetham, for taking over the reins efficiently during the project and for her enthusiasm for it.

Christine Wood, the designer, for the great look of the book.

Helen Brocklehurst at Ebury, for her winning combination of efficiency and cheerfulness.

Heather Jeeves, my brilliant agent.

The models, Ava, Iris, Kyran, Eloise, Sam, Milly, Lauren, Leah and Tara.

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