Fixing mistakes

A dropped or incorrect stitch is a common mistake. Depending on the type of stitch dropped or when the mistake occurred, you can pick up, unpick or unravel using the methods introduced here.

picking up a knit stitch on the row below

1 A dropped stitch. 2 Working from front to back, pick up the stitch and the horizontal strand above it with the right-hand needle (the strand should be behind the stitch).

fixing mistakes

picking up a stitch several rows below

3 Insert the left-hand needle through the back of the stitch and lift it over the strand and off the needle as though casting off.

4 The stitch is made facing the wrong way. Insert the left-hand needle through the front of the stitch and slip it onto the needle. The stitch is then in the right position.

The dropped stitch forms a ladder running down a number of rows and can be picked up with a crochet hook. Always work from the front - or knit side - of the fabric. Insert the hook into the free stitch from the front. With the hook pointing upwards, catch the first strand of the ladder from above and draw it through the stitch. Continue in this way until all the strands have been worked, then replace the stitch on the left-hand needle, taking care not to twist it. If more than one stitch has been dropped, secure the others with a safety pin until you are ready to pick them up.

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