Jacket with moss stitch bands

This neat little cardigan has button and buttonhole bands that are worked in one piece with the fronts. This means that you do not have to pick up stitches along the front edges. As there is a shaped neckline, stitches do need to be picked up across the front bands, up the right side neck, across the back neck stitches and down the left front neck to work the neckband.

The moss stitch borders on the hem of the cardigan sleeve cuffs and neckband are knitted on smaller needles to make a neater edge. Moss stitch is one of my favourite stitches for edgings and is a pretty alternative to ribbed edgings.

along a neck edge along a selvedge (side edge)

along a neck edge technique focus picking up stitches (see also page 42)

along a selvedge (side edge)

With the right side of the knitting facing you, insert the knitting needle from front to back between the first and second stitches of the first row. Wrap the yam around the needle and pull a loop through to form a new stitch on the needle. Continue working in this way along the edge of the knitting.

On a neck edge, work along the straight edges as for a selvedge. But along the curved edges, insert the needle through the centre of the stitch below the shaping (to avoid large gaps) and pull a loop of yam through to form a new stitch on the needle.

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  • cora
    When shaping for a neckline on a knitted cardigan do I work 1 row less on the left hand side?
    3 years ago

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