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Cast off.

With right side facing, slip centre 9(11:13:15) sts onto a stitch holder, rejoin yarn to rem sts, k to end.

Complete to match first side, reversing shaping.

neckband Join shoulder seams.

With right side facing and 23/mm (US 2) circular knitting needle, slip 6(8:8:10) sts from left back onto needle, pick up and k9 sts up left back to shoulder, 17(17:18:19) sts down left front neck, k across 9(11:13:15) sts from front neck holder, pick up and k17(17:18:19) sts up right front neck to shoulder, 9 sts from right back neck, k across 6(8:8:10) sts on back neck holder. 73(79:83:91) sts. Work backwards and forwards in rows. K 1 row.

Buttonhole row K1, yf, k2tog, k to end. K 1 row. Cast off.

armbands Join left shoulder and neckband seam.

With right side facing and 2%mm (US 2) knitting needles, pick up and k60(66:72:78) sts evenly around armhole edge. K 3 rows. Cast off.

to make up Join side and armband seams.

Lap buttonband behind buttonhole band and catch cast-on sts in place. Sew on button. Thread ribbon through eyelets to tie at centre front.

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