Sweater with square setin sleeves

All the garments so far have had a dropped shoulder, which is a shoulder line that comes down over the top of the arms because there is no shaping at the armhole. On baby designs there is no real need to have complicated arm or sleeve shaping but a good alternative to the dropped shoulder is the square set-in sleeve where stitches are cast off on the body and then the top of the sleeve slotted in and sewn to those cast-off stitches. It is a really simple shape but sometimes the instructions can be confusing to new, or even to more experienced knitters who have not tried them before. Because of this, I have shown the garment with the side and sleeve seams sewn up and before the sleeve has been sewn in (see detailed photograph on page 106). The stitch pattern used is a simple but pretty diamond pattern that shows up well in cotton.

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