Twoneedle socks

Socks are never particularly easy to make if you have never tackled them before but the results are so charming that I think they are well worth the effort. For the perfect socks they should really be knitted on four needles to prevent a seam. But four small needles can be a nightmare to use on such tiny pieces so I have chosen a yarn containing cashmere to make even the seam as soft as possible.

The yarn obviously needs to be a fine one for the finished sock but as this will be your first attempt at shaping heels and insteps, I really do advise you to work a practice piece in a thicker yarn on bigger needles first. In this way you can see your shapings for the heel and clearly observe the row ends when you come to pick up stitches for the instep. So relax; the pattern works but you are in unfamiliar territory. When you see how your practice piece works, you can tackle the real thing with confidence.

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