With buttonholes

The cushions introduce you not only to buttonholes but also to two of my favourite stitch patterns, moss stitch (or seed stitch) and rib. Moss stitch is a beautiful pattern that is perfect as an all-over fabric but also is a great alternative to rib on welts or collars. It can be time-consuming as the yarn is passed backwards and forwards between each stitch but it is well worth the effort.

The buttonhole on this cushion is the easiest of all and is created by bringing the yarn forward from the back of the work to the front and then knitting two stitches together. By making a stitch and losing a stitch in this way, a hole is created on one row but the number of stitches on the needle remains the same.

It is good to use on thicker yarns where a decent-sized buttonhole can be made with very little effort. On finer yarns it can make too small a hole. The larger buttonhole is made by casting off stitches on one row and then turning the work and casting on the same number of stitches on the second row. The number of stitches you cast on and off depends on the size of the hole you want and how thick your yarn is. Rib stitches are usually used to pull in fabric, such as on the lower edges of garments,

neckbands or sleeve cuffs. The rib used in this cushion is particularly good to work as by purling the second, wrong side row, it prevents the fabric pulling in too much. It also makes it quicker to knit! The tension on rib is sometimes quoted on patterns when the fabric is slightly stretched out or after light pressing.

techniques focus yarn over between knit making a cast-off buttonhole increasing (see also stitches ('yf')

page 40)

Bring the yarn forward between the two needles, from the back to the front of the work. Taking the yam over the needle to do so, knit the next stitch.

On the first buttonhole row, work to the buttonhole position, cast off the number of stitches required, then carry on to the end of the row. On the second row, work to the cast-off stitches, turn your work around so that the right side is facing and, using the cable method, cast on the same number of stitches on your left-hand needle that you had cast off. Turn the work back again, and work to end of the row.

cushions with buttonholes

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