Knitted Measurements

Approx 10725.5cm wide x 4K7l25cm high 2 I Moz 50g balls (cach approx 109yd'100m) of Cascade Yarns I'ima Silk (cotton'silk) in 5144 olive Di One pair size 6 (4mm) needles or size to obtain gauge Two IX 3cm wide Dritz fashion buckles 150-65 ltyd'.5m lining fabric, sewing needle, thread to match 24 sts and 28 rows to 4710cm over diagonal scallop pat using size 6 (4mm) needles. 2 Straps arc made separately and sewn on.

Stitch Glossary

P2sso Pass the 2 slipped sts over p3tog. 80BBLE PATTERN (multiple of 2 plus I) Row I (RS) Knit. Row 2 Kl. *(pl. yo. pi. yo. pi) in next st (5 sts), k I rep from * to end. Row 3 Purl. Row 4 Kl, *sl 2 wyif, p3tog, p2sso. kl rep from * to end. Row 5 Knit. Row 6 K2. *(pl. yo. pi. yo. pi) in next st. kl rep from end kl. Row 7 Purl. Row 8 K2, *s 2 wyif, p3tog, p2sso, kl Cast on 17 sts. Work 4 rows in St st for top back facing. Cont in hobble pat for back, rep rows 1-8 3 times (24 rows). Com in St st...

Cluster 5 Knitting Stitch

Crochet Icord

Cluster 5 SI next 5 sts to dpn and hold to front. Wrap yarn counterclockwise twice around these 5 sts. Place 5 wrapped sis on Kll needle. Row 4 K3. pm. k in front and back of next stitch. k2l. pm. fyo. k22. pm twice, k4 76 sts 23 sts between markers . Row 5 KI. p3. pi. k3 twice, pi. k4. pi. k3 twice. p2. rep from to last marker, end p2. k I. Row 6 K3. k 1. yo. k I. p3, k I twice. p4. kl. p3, kl twice, yo rep from to last marker, end k4 82 sts 25 sts between markers . Row 7 Keeping I st each...