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If you are interested in learning every- thing there is to know about how to make your own Victorian Beaded purses, jewelry, and accessories, then you'll want to make sure you read this Here's what you'll discover in the Priscilla Bead Work eBook: What a Weaver's Knot is and when should it be used. How to properly use a purse stitch What Beaded Knitting is. How beads should be strung on the spool for knitting. How to thread beads for knitting a pattern of more than one color. What Beaded Crochet is. Which beading method allows for laying your project aside and easily picking it up at pleasure. When making a bead bag, what beading method offers the amateur the greatest success. What the one right way is to begin bead embroidery on canvas. How avoiding this one mistake will keep your beading beautifully uniform. How to fit a pattern if the correct clasp cannot be obtained. An unusual opportunity to make necklaces, bracelets, etc., with very little work but very elaborate effect. The truth about Victorian ladies and dog collars. A very ingenious method of imitating pearl jewelry. How to sting long lengths of beads rapidly. How to determine what size beads to use. What caution you should be aware about the stringing of beads. What secret all great bead workers know but rarely share.

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The very first point I want to make certain that Priscilla Bead Work Book definitely offers the greatest results.

As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Yarn Bobbins Homemade

W orking with beads is a fun way of personalizing a garment. It is simple and fast, requiring no extra hassle after finishing your work. Instead, the beading grows as you knit and is done at the same time your garment is done. B P o o m K gt v . r o c n co - c c i- IYou can follow printed designs, or make your own on graph paper, with each square representing a knit stitch use colored pencils to indicate the desired colors. If beads are used in a solid pattern, use small beads, such as seed...

Argyle Slipper Chart

Knitting Color Combinations

C plplo 070 PlP 1 - I I I Oj.l.l.l i, l .j.l l. lt - I-I x 1 M 1- pT K i ppppppAo 1 I Lr . . rt t UUxbctv txi C plplo 070 PlP 1 - I I I Oj.l.l.l i, l .j.l l. lt - I-I x 1 M 1- pT K i ppppppAo 1 I Lr . . rt t UUxbctv txi Work RS odd-numbered row from right to left, and work WS un-numbered rows from left to right. background color A i o ' diamond color B diamond color C a diagonal line D Work RS odd-numbered row from right to left, and work WS un-numbered rows from left to right. WS rows work to...

Stitch Ritterns

Leaf Stitch Knitting Patterns

Slip-stitch knitting is easy, fast, and fascinating. Many beautiful effects can be created with slip-stitches, either in a solid color or in combinations of two or more colors. Patterns for the former will be found in this chapter patterns for the latter will be found in the following chapters. Two special terms -wyif and wyib have been coined by the author to clear up a certain ambiguity previously associated with slip-stitch patterns. The plain, bald si 1 so often encountered in other...

Scarf with fair isle border

Scarf Fair Isle Knitting

As it is worked mainly in moss stitch this scarf is reversible. Its simple Fair Isle border makes it a good project for those new to this style of knitting. For added decoration there are beads worked into the cast on and cast off rows. Thread seven beads onto first ball of M. Make a slip knot and place on needle, bring a bead up along the yarn next to the needle, cast on 5 sts rep from 5 times more, bring a bead up along the yarn next to the needle, cast on one st. 32 sts. Next row K1, p 1 7...

Bead Knitting Prestrung Knitted through Stitches

Bead Knitting

As described in Chapters I and 4, true Bead Knitting, with stockinette stitch as its base, entails two premises that a bead is actually worked through all stitches, and that every stitch is subsequently secured on the following row by working through its back loop. There is an inherent problem with this ailover bead fabric. As in the needlepoint that ir emulates, the fabrics nature is ro bias or torque. To alleviate this tendency, you can alternate the twist ol the stitch with each row....


Setesdals Genser

A view of Bryggen from the fish market in Bergen. Photo Susanne Pagoldh. ITS SCENERY IS magnificent and sheep are numerous. In the damp sea air, a knitted sweater keeps you warm. Norway isn't just ski slopes Its long coastline stretches from the North Sea in the south to the Barents Sea in the north. Dramatically beautiful, it is steep and dangerous in many places. Fishing boats and oil platforms dot its seas. High fells, deep dales, and fjords have all helped to preserve its local character....