Vertical Seam On Garter Stitch

start, find the cast on stitches an both sides. Pin them together with a straight pin or safety pin. Now count up ten rows on each sice and pin the corresponding stitches together. Continue in this manner until you get to the top of the two pieces. With a project like a hat which is worked all in one piece, the rows should line up exactly. If you end up vsiih extra rows on one side at the top. go back and xc v\hcrc they might have sneaked in on the opposite side. When seaming two separate piece?:, you may have to ease in extra rows if one piece happens to be slightly longer than the other.

This seam jo:ns two edges row row like vertical seaming on stockinette stitch.The alternating pattern of catching top nnd bottcn loops of the stitches makes it so that only you can tell there's a join.

Insert the. yarn needle into the top loop on one side, then m the bottom loop of the corresponding stitch on the other side. Continue to alternate in this way

Purl to Purl

Whon joining ribbing with a purl stitch at each edge, insert the yarn needle under the horizontal bar in the center of a knit stitch on each side in order to keep the pattern continuous.

Knit to Knit

When joining ribbing with a knit stitch at each edge, use the bottom loop of the purl stitch on one side and tne cop loop of the cor responding purl stitch on the other side.

Purl to Knit

When joining purl and knit stitch edges, skip knit stitch and join two pur' stitches as at left.


This seam is used co join two bound-off edjjes.such as for shoulder seams or hoods, and is worked sticch by stitch. You must have the same number of stitches or each pxece so that the finished seam will resemb.te a continuous row of knit stitches. Be sure to pull the yam tight enough to hide the bound-off edge*.

With the bound-off edges together, lined up stitch for stitcn, insert the yarn needle under a stitch inside the bound-off edge of one side and then under the corresponding stitch on the other tide. Repeat all the way across the join.

Used to connect a bound-off edge to a vertical length of knitted fabric* this scam requires careful pre-measuring and marking to ensure an even seam. Insert the yarn need q under a stitch inside the bound-off ed^e of the vertical piece.

Insert the needle under one or two horizontal bars between the first and second stitches of the horizontal piece. Shown here on Stockinette stitch.

Seaming Garter Stitch

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