sea scallop edge cuff

Cast on 44 sts. Work in sea scallop edge pattern for 2M76.5 cm. Cont in St st.

Make 4 bobbles (see page 152) and attach to every eleventh st.

sea scallop edge pattern

(multiple of 11 sts) Row 1 (RS) Knit. Rows 2 and 4 Purl.

Row 3 *[P2tog] twice, [Ml, kl) 3 times, Ml, [p2togl twice; rep from " to end. Rows 5 and 6 Knit.

Row 7 *[K2, p2) twice, kl, p2; rep from * to end. Row 8 *K2, pi, [k2, p2J twice; rep from * to end. Rep rows 7 and 8 for rib until desired length.

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