Rib cuff with ruffle flower

Cast on 40 sts. Work in 1x1 rib pattern for 5'/12.5cm. Cont in St st.

Fold cuff in half to right side of sleeve. Make ruffle flower and sew to cuff.

ruffle flower pattern Colors A, B and C

With A, cast on 13 sts, leaving a long tail for seaming.

Rows 10,12,14 and 16 Purl. Row 11 K1,*k2, k2tog, kl; rep from * to end. Row 13 Kl, *k1, k2tog, kl; rep from * to end. Row 15 Kl, "k2tog, kl; rep from *to end.

Fill flower with fiberfill, gather rem sts tog and fasten off. Using 2 strands A, make large overcast sts from center of front of flower to center of back, pulling in slightly to designate 6 petals. With C, make 3 French knots (see page 153) in center of flower.

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  • Andreas
    How to knit a 1x1 rib ruffle edge?
    9 years ago

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