Aran isle sweater

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2 When turtleneck is about 5 inches (12 cm) long, if you are not already using dp needles, divide stitches into 4 equal parts and place them on separate holders.

3 Continue on one side only and work simple cables for a length equal to width of one shoulder; place these stitches on holder and work other shoulder, on opposite side of turtleneck, to correspond to first shoulder.

A traditional Aran Isle sweater is knitted in one unit with double-pointed needles or a circular needle, and requires no sewing. Each section is knitted by setting aside and picking up the stitches in a set order, and using a lavish variety of cables, zigzags, lattice, or diamonds typical of the little island of Aran.

■ turtleneck, shoulders, and start of front

IWith double-pointed (dp) needles, or small circular needle, cast on stitches as needed to work turtleneck. Work a few rows in tubular knit, then continue working around in kl, pi ribbing.

aran isle sweater 1

5 Now work across stitches from turtleneck holder as shown. Then continue to pick up stitches along edge of second shoulder.

4 Now work front of sweater, using crochet hook to pick up needed stitches along edge of first shoulder.

6 Begin working across in a variety ol patterns. Traditionally, the center panel is the same width as the turtleneck and is worked with lattice, diamonds, or a wide cable pattern on a reverse stockinette stitch background. Remaining stitches at sides are worked with smaller patterns, of bobbles (see page 108), and moss stitches. Check your gauge on selected patterns to calculate number of stitches needed. The variety of suitable patterns and their placement means you can make a sweater that is both traditional and individual.

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