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Illegin working from ankle. Cast on needed stitches and ' work in stockinette stitch for about 1'/┬╗inches (3 cm), ending with knit row. Work eyelet row (k2tog, yarn over), purl next row; repeat from ' once more.

2 Continue in stockinette stitch for3/* inch (2 cm) more (cuff). Divide stitches in 3 parts, placing each side section on a holder.

3 Continue on center stitches only for about 2*4 inches (7 cm); then decrease I stitch on each side every other row twice (top of foot).

Anns Tusanna Circle Crochet Needles

4 Use crochet hook to pick up stitches on both sides of foot adding stitches from holders at each end.

How Pick Stitches For Baby Bootie

5 Continue on all stitches for about -i inches/2 cm (sides of foot).

baby booties

8 Use a yarn needle to work weaving stitch (see page 71) to connect stitches of one side to corresponding half of sole stitches; then connect those on other side in same manner.

Pick Stitches Baby Bootees

9 Seam center edges of cuffs.

Fold under top cuff edge at first eyelet row; sew in place. Thread a cord (see page 48) through second eyelet row.

Practical Knitting Boot


7 Now continue on sole, but now at each end of row, decrease by knitting together end heel stitch with adjoining side stitch. Continue in this manner until you complete sole, ending at the heel.

6 Keep all stitches on needle, marking center stitches. Now work only on center stitches to work sole, increasing 1 stitch on each side every row twice. Move markers to include increases (toe).

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