Circular knitting

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Moving Stitch

3 Be sure to mark beginning of the round (circular row), with a yarn loop or a safety pin in last stitch, moving il up each round. Proceed as described in step 2, knitting each new needle with needle just emptied, working around and around.

ICast on or pick up a quarter of the stitches on 1 of 5 needles, then place another needle on top ot first one (a it can be moved easily), and place another quarter of the stitches on this second needle, working with same yarn. Continue in this fashion until you have all the stitches you need, evenly distributed and untwisted, on 4 needles

2 Arrange 4 needles in a square, put a marker (colored loop of yarn) on needle after last cast-on stitch. Start knitting the first stitches, using filth needle. Knit all stitches off first needle; use now emptied needle for knitting stitches of next needle, and so on until you have knitted all the started stitches back to marker.

ICnitting in the round can be done with a double-pointed needle set of four, or preferably five, needles, or with a circular needle. By knitting around, you eliminate seams.

■ knitting with double-pointed (dp) needles

This is a good way to make a seamless neckband. Whether you cast on stitches to start, or pick up stitches around neck opening, working the rest of the neckband is the same.

circular knitting

■ knitting with a circular needle

Italian Casting Circular Needles

1 Using a same-sized straight needle, cast on desired number of stitches and transfer (slip) them without twisting onto circular needle. (You can also cast onto circular needle directly.) Use proper length of circular needle so stitches fit easily from tip to tip.

2 Working back and forth as if using 2 needles, knit I row, turn work, and purl 1 row. As you go, slide piece to keep working stitches at needle tips.

3 Do not turn after last row just worked. Place a marker on needle for start of rounds (circular rows) and knit around needle to starting marker. Do not turn work, but slip marker off needle.

4 On next round, knit first stitch and place marker back on needle, then knit around. Continue to knit around and around and at start of each round, slip marker in place from left to right needle tip.

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