Fur stitch

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This is an easy technique for edges on jackets, afghans, pillows, and other accessories for the house. Rows are worked making looped fringes that are long or short.

IUse thin yarns. Cast on desired number of stitches. Knit 5 rows in garter stitch. Work loops on next wrong side row as follows: Knit 1st stitch; wrap yarn under left index linger, then back over top of linger (as shown).

2' Catch back of finger loop on right needle» then knit next stitch drawing both loops (from finger loop and new stitch) through stitch as usual» but do not let it fall from needle.

3 Keeping finger loop still wrapped around your finger» slide both picked-up loop and new stitch (made in previous step) from right needle back onto left needle.

Knitting Loop Stitch

4 Knit loop» new stitch, and original stitch together in a twisted knit, anchoring loop. Drop loop off finger and rewrap yarn around finger as before; repeat from " across row» knitting last stitch as usual. Work loops on every other row so they all fall on same side of work.

fur stitch

Fur Stitch

2 Insert right needle in next stitch and, without knitting it, draw 2 loops of yarn wrapped around finger through same stitch. Slide old stitch off needle.

■ longer and thinner loops

IKnit 2 rows in garter stitch. Work loops on next row as follows: Knit 1 for edge, then to work first loop," wrap yarn around left index finger as shown.

Loop Stitch Knitting

3 Keeping remaining loop on finger extended, knit next stitch and let finger loop fall. Repeat from ' across row, ending with knit stitch at edge.

4 On next row, knit all stitches and over each loop, knit the 2 loops together in a knit twist. Knit 2 more rows in garter stitch.

Loop Stitch Sweater

5 Repeat these 6 rows for pattern as shown. If you prefer, work 2 fewer or as many more garter stitch rows as you like, always forming loops on same side of work.

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